Saturday, May 22, 2010

Director seeks actors: Aquarius, likes long walks on the beach...

"Here we are now/entertain us" - Nirvana

One thing I've begun to notice in my experiences casting is its uncanny similarity to dating. Now I'm not really a big "dater" at all or fan of the idea of trying to nudge and find chemistry over drinks, meals or awkward social situations, but I can see how the two are related. When meeting and engaging someone new you can be instantly hit with things that interest or attract you to them, sparks of characteristics that reveal the lovely idiosyncrasys that you find intriguing and you wish to probe further.

As I pour over recent video submissions for "Things" I'm reminded at how overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised I was casting "...Around" a few years ago. A large group of talents really stepped up to the plate and delivered vastly brilliant and different work. A majority of them found their way into the film in some role and others I've kept in touch, looking for new opportunities to work with them down the road.

I find now, much like I did then, the initial reaction as you see each person is how great they are and how excited you are with what they bring to the table, the inspiring limitless possibilities of how you can mold and work with that to elevate it even further. Then the sudden overwhelming dread of having to decide between all these talented and vastly unique people... until you realize that the decision isn't going to necessarily be based on them being able to perform or having such great abilities, but if they serve the story, the project and particular role you are trying to fill.

Yes, much like in the game of dating, someone can be all kinds of wonderful and attractive... but just not "the one". Unlike dating I'm excited to keep meeting and finding the right mix of new and old talent for this project.

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