Saturday, August 28, 2010

some more cast additions...

Katie Johnston as Rose Kubelick

Katie wow'd me in her contrasting monologue submission videos for "Things" effortlessly doing comedic and dramatic, sometimes combing a dab of each, and at callbacks I was equally floored by her passion, strong character intuition, ability to take direction and delightful personality. I'm eager to work with her on this and my other developing project, her portrayal of "Rose" will be about giving depth to an event and character that pretty much shapes Violet's entire life journey and questioning persona. 

Vanessa Altshuler as Brigitte the trainee

"Oldschool" (the English translation of her Deutsch last name) is a diamond in the rough for any director, a uniquely funny and energetic talent with a lot of emotional range, vocally trained with a killer set of pipes and theatre experience, Vanessa can blend in to several supporting and character parts, infusing them with a life that would immediately call for a spotlight.. forget scene-stealer, this girl has the potential to be a movie stealer. Her improvisational abilities and comedic timing are sharp and with giant "boo-hoo'ish" eyes she will draw you in and level you down. Cast her. And mention my name... I get like twenty bucks. Every penny counts, folks.

Hannah Reimann as Baby, "the devil"

Hannah is one of those great artists from past times, especially in the vein of those who came about during the frenetic & kinetic late-70's and early 80's downtown scene, who truly exemplify the term artists. She has her hands in several forms of artistic expression from filmmaking to music to acting to performance and fine arts, effortlessly and confidently jumping genres and styles to gain the highest experience and best production of work. A soul who uses her work as part of her continuing quest and journey to understand and push the boundaries of questions and ideas. Her dedication and work ethic is second to none and anyone lucky enough to collaborate with her in whatever piece she is involved in will be better off for it.

Tracy Toth
Tracy is a delightful and versatile actress I was introduced to last Summer who's credits are growing on stage and screen (you can see in several comedic Onion TV shorts and this season "It's Always Sunny In Philadealphia"). She's a strong addition to a great talented group of individuals and I'm thrilled to have a chance to collaborate on this project with her.

Amy Hoerler
I'm very excited to once again be including the always great Amy Hoerler. I met Amy in the back of a van in March 2004... No, no. Get your minds out of the gutter. I was helping out on a student short film where Amy played a 12 year old fairly convincingly (yeah, she's that solid) who was abused by her raging, aggresisve and alcoholic mother. We got to bond fast as sitting the trunk of the van I had to apply on a daily basis some pretty brutal bruises and bumps and of course that would turn into laughs and stories. I always promised I'd include her in a feature if I ever did one and was able to when I made "...Around", though sadly some of her best stuff hit the cutting room floor. I'm happy to include her in this project and keep the family tradition alive for other future project as well... cast her, you won't regret it. Just look below...

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  1. I cannot wait to work on this film! Thank you for casting me, David <3