Monday, March 28, 2011

The Song Remains the Same

AND The last two weeks... not in words (because I'm far too tired to type with only a week before start)
But in images:

Shooting Script revisions/edits for production 

adding/revising from rehearsals with main cast and crew...

Introducing Violet... (MOLLY RYMAN)

building the world of THINGS I DON'T UNDERSTAND

Falling in love with this city all over again....

HUGO DILLON ("Remy") arrives from France 

MAKE-UP TESTS! GRACE FOLSOM ("Sara") sits in the chair w/ AMY FORSYTHE(Make-up)

 FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHY courtesy of stunt coordinator THEIK SMITH  3/16/11
ELEANOR WILSON ("Darla") takes a swing on MOLLY RYMAN ("Violet")

Rough demo poster art 

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